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A medical system based on the theory that disease and disorders are caused by a misalignment of the bones, especially in the spine, that obstructs proper nerve functions. Chiropractors believe they can treat or cure diseases and disorders including back pain by manipulating and re-aligning the spine.

Chiropractors, millions of people love them and millions of people have no use for them at all. Some people will tell you stories of how their chiropractor saved them from back pain, disease, or from the surgeons knife and others will give you "quack" or "bonecruncher" horror stories beyond belief. Love 'em or hate 'em they are here to stay and the demand for chiropractors is ever increasing.

Rear View of Spine: Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar, Sacrum, Pelvis Chiropractors clearly are more confident than physicians in their ability to treat low back pain, and believe their patients typically are more satisfied. But according to a 1998 study, receiving care from a more confident practitioner does not lead to faster recovery or more patient satisfaction.

I believe there is a place in todays health care system for chiropractors and I believe there are some good ones out there, there are also some you should avoid like the plague. Stay away from the chiropractor who wants to make you a permanent fixture on one of his tables, I'm not saying it won't take several sessions to help a patient eliminate back pain but if it seems like you are spending way too much time in his office then guess probably are.

You should know after your first chiropractic visit if you feel comfortable with him manipulating your spine, if you don't feel like trusting that chiropractor then get the heck out of there and never look back, there are plenty of good chiropractors to choose from. Word of mouth is usually the best way to find a good chiropractor or any other physician for that matter, ask your friends or co-workers who they trust. I have pretty much replaced my chiropractor with an inversion table I use right at home.

Please get a proper diagnosis before spending an extended amount of time with chiropractic treatments. If your chiropractor doesn't give x-rays or suggest an MRI then ask your regular physician. Some people tragically find out too late that their back pain problem was much more serious than a mis-aligned spine. It's your health, don't take any extra chances with it.

Some chiropractors genuinely want to help and are concerned about your health and others are just performing(sometimes poorly) for the money and just want to keep you on their table week after week for their "million dollar roll". Find a good chiropractor and you can save yourself some pain and even prevent future injuries.

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