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Good nutrition is really an important part of your overall health including the health of your back. Back pain can be reduced by providing proper nutrition. Those of us who consume too many calories and eat relatively unhealthy foods are more than likely a bit heavier than we should be. Common sense should tell us that the more we weigh the more stress is placed on our spine as well as other joints in our bodies which causes extra wear and tear.

Extra body weight can also lead to poor posture which is a leading cause of back problems and back pain. Using good posture and body mechanics is essential for a healthy back and spine, the more aware we are of this fact the more likely we are to continuously look at the way we do things. So, before you have that third doughnut or finish off the last of the pizza ask yourself if you really need it, your back will thank you.

nutritional food pyramid Drink water! Dehydration is bad for your body, in general most of us need to drink more water. The discs between the vertebrae of our spine need to be nourished and kept hydrated. Here is a link to an interesting article which suggests that many back problems can actually be cured by drinking sufficient amounts of water. Try drinking enough water and see if your back begins feeling better.

Do you smoke? If you smoke you probably don't want to hear this but studies show that there is a direct relationship between smoking cigarettes and having back problems. Smoking slows down your circulation and cuts down the oxygen supply in your bloodstream. Adequate blood flow and oxygen supply are needed for good health and for proper healing to occur.

If you have never tried juicing you may want to get a juicer and give it a try, it'll provide you with a good amount of vitamins and minerals plus it's a simple and quick way to consume your daily fruits and vegetables. My favorite juice is carrot with apple, it tastes great!

By eating properly and drinking sufficient amounts of water you'll be one step closer to having a healthier back and you'll improve your overall health as well.

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