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Surgery for Back Pain

There are many different types of spinal surgery, ranging anywhere from micro surgery to cage fusions and even having metal rods installed along side your spine. Artificial disc replacement is now available also. No matter what the type of back surgery, they all are very serious business and even a minor surgery should not be rushed into without giving it a lot of thought.

Don't get fooled into believing that spinal surgery will be an "instant cure" for your back pain, even a surgery which is performed textbook perfect can bring very mixed results varying from patient to patient. There simply is no guarantee that surgery will fix your problem and any honest surgeon will tell you upfront that you may get better, remain unchanged, or even be worse off than you were before surgery.

surgery in progress With surgery comes scar tissue. Scarring is a normal part of healing, and let's face it any time your skin is cut into it will need to heal. The scarring you can see when looking at the site of surgery is not really to be concerned with, it's what you don't see that can cause the problems. Any time you have a surgeon cutting around your spine you are risking the chance of scar tissue growing internally and possibly interfering with nerves. Chances are you went into surgery to get relief from a bulged or ruptured disc which was abutting a nerve and causing pain. The surgeon can trim away the damaged disc, but can't effectively control how much or where the scar tissue will grow so as you can see you may get one problem addressed and end up with quite another.

Is surgery ever needed? Definitely yes, but it should never be rushed into unless it's an emergency situation. I have had spinal surgeries myself, of course I've been unable to work since then, but the thing is you have to make a well informed choice and be willing to live with the outcome whatever it may be.

I had my surgeries after prolonging it and working in pain for several years, finally the pain became too much too control. I was to the point where I couldn't work, pain killers didn't help, and all I could do was lay in bed curled up in the fetal position waiting for the sweet relief that I was sure only death could bring. Being a family man and a bit of a coward, I didn't want to die but I wanted to get rid of this pain no matter what the cost so I chose surgery. To this day over 5 years after my last surgery I'm still in a great deal of pain and unable to work, I made some choices and now am living with the results those choices.

What choice will you make? I would say use surgery as a last resort only if all else fails. Think about it very seriously and be willing to take the responsibility for your choice, remember there are no guarantees.

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